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  1. Well...I derped this up!

    Soo, TF2....yeah.... Well anyways I kinda noticed that I had the game awhile back and I remember my brother playing it, so I tried it and well.....I SUCK AT IT. I was playing as Pyro and lets just say Im good with fire, but not so good with killing with it but not so good with the controlls. I kinda need help, that or try to get better but that seems like it will take work and im too lazy for that. If you gots tips please leave some in the comments. Also I wish more people whould play on the TF2 server more often.
  2. TF2 Mini-series

    Hello Ladies and gentleman, I am here to inform you on a little series that Xsiul and I have planned once i get back. We will be doing a Tf2 Battle, in which the two of us square off to see who is the best over a few to several rounds, at the end of each episode will be the most pro-kill and the most noobish Death. We will be joined by our good friends and fellow TF2 lovers Johnnykm and Mike9388, and perhaps will be adding people as guest stars. For now, here is the Promo Poster, and a teaser may possibly arrive Thank you for your time, KP