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  1. Fairy Tale

    Haha, so I had to do this project with a friend in class, and it had to be a fairy tale. Luckily enough, it didn't have to be for kids! Hahah, it's age appropriate though, but I don't really think it's much of a fairy tale.. >_> Imma be honest tho, and say I did like, probably 90% of the workkkkkkkk, but ayyeee I'm not good at making stories, but I tried! Tell me what you think of it~ The Twin in the Mirror Once upon a time, a place in Italy near Ceres Temple, there lived a wealthy family of four, a father, a mother, and beautiful twin daughters. They lived in a mansion far yet close to the city with a peaceful vibe. The twins’ names were Melody and Cecilia Emersyn. The family had an abundance of mirrors scattered throughout the house. They loved admiring their beauty so much; it would take up half of their day. They were always so happy, never abrasive. The Emersyn’s were always so welcoming to new people. The twins were only the age of 11, and unlike the rest of the kids near the city, Melody and Cecilia were homeschooled. The parents feared that if the twins went to school, they would be kidnapped for their beauty. As twins, they looked alike, and almost sounded the same. Although, Cecilia had an extraordinary personality different from many others. She was adventurous and was open to different things, while Melody was more obedient and calm. The twins were still the same though, in every other way. But because there were mirrors all throughout the house, every time they passed by one, they couldn’t help but admire themselves, and the gift they were given. No one ever complained in the house, because they had almost everything they wanted. Beauty, money, and all the food they could ever want. But on a Tuesday in November, something seemed strange about Cecilia. She was quiet, and isolated herself, and she didn’t stop in front of the mirrors like she used to. At dinner, she wouldn’t even eat anything off of her plate, not even one bite. Mister and misses Emersyn just went along with it though thinking that it was just a part of her growing up. The next morning was even worse. Cecilia refused to get out of bed, and she ignored eating breakfast. She wouldn’t even talk to Melody, her twin. Instead of being hyper, and outgoing, Cecilia became into something she wasn’t. No longer a smile that stretched across from her face, it was only nothing now. The parents were too busy admiring their beauty to notice, but Melody noticed. After dinner, everyone was tucked in bed, fast asleep ready for the morning. Melody awoke hours later from the smell of smoke coming from behind the doors of the twins’ room. Curious enough, she rubbed her eyes awake and walked over to see what the cause of this was. As Melody opened the door, her hands dropped to see a fire starting to form and enlarge from the end of the hallway. Instead of screaming she ran, ran as fast as she could down the stairs to get outside. As she ran down to the first floor, she noticed her parents looking around in panic for the two little girls. “CECILIA, MELODY!” Mr. Emersyn yelled aloud. That’s right; Melody had forgotten all about Cecilia, she had left her in the room still fast asleep. She ran up to her father tugging at his shirt. Mr. Emersyn quickly picked her up and hurriedly ran out of the house with Melody in his arms. With a quick turn, Melody reached her hand out as if she was trying to reach Cecilia, but then realizing it was too late. Around 4 a.m., the Fire Department came and hosed down the fire. Luckily enough, the fire didn’t burn everything, but it engulfed most of the house. One of the men went to Mr. Emersyn and spoke to him, “Luckily none of you got hurt.” but he was quickly interrupted by Melody. “Cecilia” she said “Where’s Cecilia?” Mr. Emersyn turned pail. The man stared at Melody with a questioned and shocked look. “We didn’t find any bodies.” After years of repair, the house was fully restored to how it originally was 3 years ago. New mirrors, new furniture, almost new everything. It was almost as if the accident never happened, but they all remember it. Especially Melody. She could never forget about what happened. She thought to herself for those months how it was all her fault, that it was her fault that Cecilia died. Melody’s thoughts started to fill with remorse and anger. Everyday waking up, she was reminded of Cecilia. It almost got to her head, but she couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was a struggle trying to avoid the memories and the feeling of loss, because where ever she would go, she couldn’t stop thinking about her. No matter where she went, Melody would always think of her. Being in her own room was the worst. It was almost a nightmare living in her own house. Melody needed to escape the monstrosity. She put on a pair of shoes and decided to take a walk around the city to get these thoughts out of her head, it’s not like it worked before though. To get things off her mind, she thought that maybe doing a little shopping would make her happier than she was at the moment, or at least it would help. She started to stroll down the sidewalk to her favorite store, only to see at the corner, Cecilia. ‘Have I finally gone mad?’ Melody thought to herself. Her breathing started to grow heavy. “Cecilia...” she whispered “Cecilia..!” Without hesitating she ran forward and grabbed the arm to what she believed to be her sister. Only to bump into a mirror.