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** Rules - MUST READ **

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Hello and welcome to the Abyssal Gaming Network's official forums.

We welcome anyone and everyone to join and share our community, we dont focus on anything in particular and are always open to new ideas, however this does not excuse poor behaviour.

As a member of our community you are expected to follow each and every one of the rules on this page without hesitation. If you have enquiries regarding the rules, please contact a member of the management or agent team.

  • All members are expected to be polite; swearing and abusing other users for whatever reason, is not acceptable and may result in a temporary if not permanent ban. This includes all forums, subforums, shoutbox, game servers and communication servers within our network.
  • We do NOT allow any hacks on our servers. This includes but is NOT limited to noclip/flying, invisibility, god mode and any game modifying changes.
  • Arrow to the Knee jokes are limited to 3 per person per day. Please don't go over this quota, please dont encourage others to do it for you if you have reached quota. if you are found to go over this quota, you may be awarded a gold medal; You Have Been Warned!
  • Racist, sexist or otherwise biased behaviour and attitudes will not be tolerated. We are a community, anyone and EVERYONE is welcome here. Any attempts to circumvent that will result in a ban from the network.
  • Sexual content is not permitted unless specifically stated otherwise. This is a community with people of all ages, and as such it should be treated that way. Please have respect for the younger members.
  • Our staff has a good sense of humour and we don't mind being joked around with, however if one of our staff members asks you to stop something, we expect cooperation. This means stop.
  • Premium users are not exempt from any rules on this page, and a staff member will not hesitate to punish if a rule is broken by a premium or VIP member.
  • Please note that our servers may have specific rules pertaining to their own running, please ensure you read them before logging in!
  • Images are usable all over the website, this includes your Avatar, Profile picture, Signature and post content. We expect no nudity or embedded profanity. If found, the images will be deleted and you will be warned. Repeat Offenders will be punished further.
  • Although we accept suggestions and feedback, please keep in mind the type of community we are. Feedback with swearing and vulgar text will be censored and removed, regardless of your opinion on us. Suggestions of copyright breaching will be ignored.
  • Features that are public access are there for everyone, and are a privilege not a right. Abuse of these features will result in loss of them. This is not negotiable.
  • Shameless self promotion is not allowed. If you wish to promote your own website, a link in your signature or in the appropriate forum is as far as you are allowed to go. Please respect this decision and don't fight it. We don't make this rule for no reason.
  • Any attempt to impersonate a staff member will be met with a fist to the fa... um a permanent ban. Not negotiable! If you wish to become a staff member, you must apply in the appropriate forum, harassing another staff member or Management Team will not fast track you to success, however it may fast track you to the sin bin.

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