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How to: Connect to Teamspeak

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Step 1: Download (If you already have teamspeak Installed, then skip to step 2)

Firstly you need to download and run the installer for teamspeak. To do this, visit the following link and select the appropriate file for your computer. If unsure, ask someone who may know, the mods can sometimes help you with this.

Download Link: http://www.teamspeak...?page=downloads

Step 2: Open and Configure

This isnt that hard, although this is where most people have difficulty.

  • Open your team speak and click on Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks
  • Click on Add Bookmark (Top Left) This will create a new, blank bookmark record.
  • Use the following Settings: (Dont forget to use YOUR username)
  • Click on OK/Apply
  • Go to Bookmarks -> Click on your newly created Bookmark

Its really that easy. We will post additional tutorials for configuring Push to Talk and other features soon, so stay tuned.

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