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  1. Stop bullieng, speak up

    True but it basically just provokes more conflict.
  2. Stop bullieng, speak up

    Too bad the bully is sometimes the one with the power. However with enough luck and help and support, we can stop them.
  3. I'll destroy them, I'll just have to destroy them, all of them out there that do things like THIS...I'll eliminate them ALL BY MYSELF

  4. Goodbye to those who were my friends and made me feel awesome on ABGN... A big FUCK YOU to those who made my lives a living hell....you epic people and mother fucking bastards know who you are...Farewell

  5. Damn

    Damn I missed her coming on as well =P
  6. LD Server Reminiscing

    Its pretty crazy seeing how everyone has come such a far way on the LD server.
  7. LD Server Reminiscing

    Dang that really does give me nostalgia about the server and how long its been up. They should seriously rebuild the LD Statue though =/
  8. Hey guys!

  9. Connection Problems again

    Lol ok ty
  10. Connection Problems again

    Hello everyone, sorry to bother but has anyone been unable to connect to the LDshadowlady Public server. I keep trying and it keeps saying end of stream or error. I've tried on other servers I've played on and it works perfectly logging on to there but for LDshadowlady server it doesn't seem to work. If anyone has any way of fixing that or so please reply back to me. Edit 1: I'm on Minecraft 1.4.5
  11. [Competition] Top Poster Competition

    This is going to be interesting
  12. I want to fly dragons!

    500 bucks to see an egg?
  13. Look & Feel

    If the Abyssal 3.0 theme had the sorta colour scheme of the halloween one but minus all the halloween decoration, I think it would look pretty cool. Just a suggestion
  14. Look & Feel

    Dark is more smooth in my opinion
  15. What the server seed?