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  1. Hey guys!

    heartben, you ever come on here anymore?
  2. LDShadowLady Anime Form ~Coloured~

    constructive feedback, ok? i would work on the shading a bit as it looks a bit rushed, and maybe work on the fingers (they look a little noodleish)
  3. My Attempt At Drawing Lizzie. (first try)

    nice <3
  4. poniessssss <3

  5. My schools art contest!

    its adorable, but i gotta agree with mint. maybe if you could like, draw other humans, like his family, watching in horror as he/she turns into a werewolf?
  6. Another Skin Contest.

    uhhhhhhhhhh i KINDA only got the app on the ipad DX is there a way i can give it 2 u? i COULD try to do some uniform from lucky star? its rlly light yellow and purple, and gimme a hair color and i got it?
  7. Raffle!

    urk- is it ovr yet?
  8. Happy Birthday LD SHadowLady!

    thanks gurl! i can make ur skin in2 a pony, just ask meh and i'll do mah best. (and maybeh gimme three dollars on shadowlady?)
  9. I got married!

  10. Happy Birthday LD SHadowLady!

    nice job adi! i steve. looove it! #nameyourpetGrumm
  11. Happy Birthday LD SHadowLady!

    Happy bday ldshadowlady! me bein a pony fan an all, heres chu as a pony! (i made it from a pony creator cuz idk how 2 use mah art pad yet) plz pm me or reply? if chu dont ima beh all like but i wont beh mad.