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Server Reset; The Aftermath (Updates & Changes)



Premium & VIP[+]

  • Premium: %100 cosmetic token increase
  • VIP: %200 cosmetic token increase
  • VIP+: %300 cosmetic token increase


  • Adventurer: No Changes
  • Excavator;
  • ► Precision Mode (Removed)
  • ► Cleave Mode (New): Similar to the old precision mode. Breaks all ores near the player.
  • ► Light Sphere: (Removed)
  • ► Phantom Torch (New): Similar to the old light sphere, the phantom torch is placed floating at the players location providing light for 30 seconds.
  • Soldier: No Changes
  • Spelunker;
  • ► Goldsacks (Changed): Goldsacks will no longer drop from mobs for Spelunkers. Instead they will sometimes drop an emerald.
  • Magician;
  • Spell: Mining Minion (New): Conjures a floating pickaxe that will mine ores for you.
  • Spell: Fly (New): Allows the magician to fly slowly for 30 seconds. Effect is lost on disconnect.
  • Ender Magi;
  • ► Foci (Removed): Ender Magi no longer use foci
  • ► Water Damage (Removed): Ender Magi no longer take damage from water blocks/rain.
  • Magi Archer:(Removed)
  • Bard;(New)
  • ► Bards can play various songs to provide buffs for themselves and nearby players. They can also damage and calm mobs with their songs.


  • Slimefun (Removed): Waiting for Slimefun 4
  • Exotic Garden[Fruits & Vegetables] (Removed): Too much overhead and were generally useless
  • Protocol Support[1.5.2 - 1.7.10 Support](Removed): Too many features on the server require 1.7.10+
  • DynMap (Pending): This plugin may not return


  • World-Epic: Enhanced noise generated world
  • World-Ancient: Complex generated world with structures

Mechanics & Other

  • Player names are now colored depending on their server rank.
  • Class names on the tab list have been changed to icons to reduce clutter.
  • Traders have been excluded because the new currency system works well with villagers.
  • Crafted shears have been adjusted to compensate for the no-decay leaf blocks in the worlds.
  • Players can obtain cosmetic tokens for participating on the server (digging/hunting/crafting) which can be used to buy cosmetic unlocks, equipment, and other uncraftable items.
  • The cost of epic and legendary items has been significantly increased.
  • Players can now gain EXP and standard mob drops off mobs spawned by mob-spawners. They cannot obtain special items from said mobs though.


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