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About this blog

Server updates posted here!

Entries in this blog


The server now uses a very small resource pack for future new items. Players who already use a resource pack will be able to use the servers resourcepack without effecting their current ones. Future new items will not look any different if you do not accept the servers resource pack. The resource pack may expand to more blocks/items in the future and it would be advised to use the servers resourcepack fto experience full gameplay enjoyment on the server. If you have server resource packs disabled for our server you can enable them via the edit button in the server list.


New Item(s):

Treasure Chest Key - Opens a treasure chest


Premium & VIP[+]

  • Premium: %100 cosmetic token increase
  • VIP: %200 cosmetic token increase
  • VIP+: %300 cosmetic token increase


  • Adventurer: No Changes
  • Excavator;
  • ► Precision Mode (Removed)
  • ► Cleave Mode (New): Similar to the old precision mode. Breaks all ores near the player.
  • ► Light Sphere: (Removed)
  • ► Phantom Torch (New): Similar to the old light sphere, the phantom torch is placed floating at the players location providing light for 30 seconds.
  • Soldier: No Changes
  • Spelunker;
  • ► Goldsacks (Changed): Goldsacks will no longer drop from mobs for Spelunkers. Instead they will sometimes drop an emerald.
  • Magician;
  • Spell: Mining Minion (New): Conjures a floating pickaxe that will mine ores for you.
  • Spell: Fly (New): Allows the magician to fly slowly for 30 seconds. Effect is lost on disconnect.
  • Ender Magi;
  • ► Foci (Removed): Ender Magi no longer use foci
  • ► Water Damage (Removed): Ender Magi no longer take damage from water blocks/rain.
  • Magi Archer:(Removed)
  • Bard;(New)
  • ► Bards can play various songs to provide buffs for themselves and nearby players. They can also damage and calm mobs with their songs.


  • Slimefun (Removed): Waiting for Slimefun 4
  • Exotic Garden[Fruits & Vegetables] (Removed): Too much overhead and were generally useless
  • Protocol Support[1.5.2 - 1.7.10 Support](Removed): Too many features on the server require 1.7.10+
  • DynMap (Pending): This plugin may not return


  • World-Epic: Enhanced noise generated world
  • World-Ancient: Complex generated world with structures

Mechanics & Other

  • Player names are now colored depending on their server rank.
  • Class names on the tab list have been changed to icons to reduce clutter.
  • Traders have been excluded because the new currency system works well with villagers.
  • Crafted shears have been adjusted to compensate for the no-decay leaf blocks in the worlds.
  • Players can obtain cosmetic tokens for participating on the server (digging/hunting/crafting) which can be used to buy cosmetic unlocks, equipment, and other uncraftable items.
  • The cost of epic and legendary items has been significantly increased.
  • Players can now gain EXP and standard mob drops off mobs spawned by mob-spawners. They cannot obtain special items from said mobs though.



  • Significantly lowered the drop rate on presents.
  • Added more goodies to rare presents.

World Portals

  • World portals no longer teleport players to a specific area. They will now teleport players to a random location on a specific world.


  • The Industrial Winter and Ice Dimension have been removed. Although these 2 worlds had interesting land generation and world mechanics they often confused the majority of new players. They also lacked player interactivity to warrant having the worlds running.
  • With the removal of 2 worlds The Grand Frontier world has had its world boundary increased to 4000.


  • Ender Magi foci regen rate has been doubled.
  • Ender Magi teleport should be more responsive.

  • Solders crashing leap ability is much more effective now and should no longer prematurely trigger at the players origin location. It will also knock monsters up into the air and slow them down. This skill now deals damage to other players who are PvP tagged. Lowered the cooldown of this ability to 6 seconds.
  • Soldiers have a new bashing ability. Sneak-Attack to bash an enemy back and slow them for a couple seconds. Bash has a 4 second cooldown.


Seasonal and Holiday Events:

  • Added Wintermas (Christmas) items to mob drops. These items have a chance to drop cosmetic unlocks.
  • Started work on expanding seasonal and holiday events/items that only occur within certain seasons and or holidays.

To see and or activate your cosmetics use the following command: /cosmetic

The current seasonal event this month is Wintermas. Monsters, er-- Herogrinechs henchmen have been stealing presents from everyone! They have a chance to drop presents that can be opened. They may contain cosmetic unlocks which match the theme of Wintermas.


Magic armor crafting

  • Arcanist Sam: Turns enchanted items into cosmic essence.
  • Artificer Dori: Crafts armor using cosmic essence.
  • Gemshaper Enji: Combines cosmic essence and gems to form magical gems which can be inserted into armor crafted by Artificer Dori.

Players can check their accumulation of stats from items by using /stats or /stats toggle

Players can now lock certain entities.

  • Armor Stands
  • Horses (Does not prevent riding)
  • Paintings
  • Minecart Chests
  • Item Frames


  • Magicians will no longer have their mana set to 0 when they rejoin the server.
  • Ender Magi will no longer have their foci set to 0 when they rejoin the server.
  • Ender Magi class items have been condensed a bit. The ender crafting frame does both transmutation and crafting now.
  • Adventurers first jump will be a regular jump with any proceeding jumps being higher for a few seconds.
  • Soldiers should no longer lose their extra health when ever they open up an inventory.
  • Magi Archers no longer receive a speed buff when aiming their bow.
  • Players who have a bonus to jump height will have their first jump will be a regular jump with any proceeding jumps being higher for a few seconds.
  • Players no longer regain all their health when opening an inventory.
  • Players will no longer die 10 times when they die.
  • Slimefun will no longer hand new players slimefun guides.


The adventurers glider should once again allow players to glide through the air.

Players should no longer drop their inventory when killed by another player (experimental) (Bug: Premium players will appear to have an empty inventory when they respawn from pvp death. This is not the case)


  • Fixed the "random placement portal" at spawn.
  • Added Fastcraft to the server. (Hurray, easy crafting)
  • Updated ExoticGardens (Adds several new recipes/vegetables/fruits/etc)
  • Fixed monsters not dropping gold sacks for Spelunkers.
  • Fixed monsters not dropping treasure chests.
  • Fixed monsters not dropping Slimefun pages.


- Adjusted spawn and consolidated portals to their own chamber.

- Continued effort to reduce server lag.

- Reset the nether and created a new one using custom generator.

- Added Autosort back on to the server

- Wild Wolves (Wolf variant that spawns in any biome) can now be tamed. Rabid Wolves remain untamable.

- Players should no longer lose access to their town or ownership of their town when changing their name.

- The server will restart every 4 hours instead of 2 hours now.

Premium and VIP additions:

- Premium accounts can now use nicknames using /nick <name>

- Premiums can use color codes within their nickname http://ess.khhq.net/mc/

- VIP and VIP+ can now use nicknames using /nick <name>

-VIP and VIP+ can use both format codes and color codes within their nickname http://ess.khhq.net/mc/


- Adventurers an now perform power leaps by sneaking and jumping. (10 second cooldown)

- Players can now link items in their hand into chat by using the command /link.

- The random placement portal will no longer lag the server to death.

- Excavators can now place blocks up to 15 blocks away from themselves by sneak right clicking.


-Thrown Spelunker torches will no longer become stuck floating.

- Spelunkers will no longer sometimes receive batch of gold coins when killing a monster. Instead they will get a small sack of gold or a large sack of gold. This is to reduce the amount of spam they receive in their chatbox.

- Sacks of gold cannot be put inside containers nor can they be picked up by hoppers as they are specifically for Spelunkers.

- Added Bread spell to magicians.

- Magicians spell gui is much more responsive now.


- The magicians spell selection and interaction have been redone to be a less of a hassle to use. Magicians can select and cast spells simply by using a stick. Right click to bring up spell selection. Left click to use selected spell.

- Slimefun fruits and vegetables will now drop when leaves near them decay


- Spelunker chest entities have been replaced by physical items. These items can be picked up and put inside inventories. They will not stack. Spelunkers can right click with the chest to unlock them. Unlocked chests can be opened by any class. Experience chests no longer drop bottles of enchanting because the chest itself functions as a container for the experience.


- Spawn has been adjusted to be simpler and more organized

- Players can no longer exchange ingots and diamonds on the fly and now must use the traders at spawn, in addition to using the traders players have a larger range of items to sell now.

- Added a random world location portal to spawn