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  1. An emotive farewell to the server

    Hi everybody, and I guess also bye everybody. I don't know what to say, this was really my only real server for years and certainly the best one I've been to even counting the ones I just passed through, it was more of a community. Even though I was almost always the Hermit that lived alone and never joined a big town or anything,I enjoyed the chat and when someone would want to go adventuring with me it was fun,so many memories and I'll miss everyone. Sorry I wasn't on at the end, Minecraft decided that my password wasn't my password and wouldn't let me log even after changing it, I only just now was able to log and it's too late. I did always plan on getting VIP+ and was always trying to save up for it because I really did want to support the server as much as I could, it was never my plan to be the eternal freeloader... Guess that's an Achievement...
  2. Community Vault: New Year Suggestions

    I'm voting no on both of these and not just because "I always vote no". On the second one I do think some people might find a way to abuse the system in some way just to get "a friend" in or them self even... On the first, I don't think it's that easy and I've been to all 4 edges of the map twice already. with all this adventure I've found not even 1 beacon, I could probably tell the ore counts in a normal pirate town and white sail ship because I've runinto enough to know white ships have 26 emeralds and the towns have none. If anything I'm finding a lack of things, I'm finding tons of empty chests and it's easy to think "maybe they were found already" and that's what I thought too in the beginning. But when I go into a temple looking place, build a bridge over the lava pit, disarm the traps, dig through the lapis/gold/quarts pyramid and place more water for the lava there to get down into the secret room just to see its yet another empty secret room... That isn't what I'd call overly easy, and its not just there it's happened in the large towns that look like spawn, those cemeteries are empty just like 100% of the otherchests in there even the secret room that I wont point out how to get too because why spoil it. That's not saying maybe there are some very lucky people out there but its definitely not normal, I would have seen something by now if it was normal with how much adventure I'm doing. [EDITSSSSS] topic1, still a no with the same reasons BUT I did just hit a 32 diamond vein above ground so I can see how that might be a problem. I also see how this is a good thing because once all these easy diamonds are gone we have to work hard to find the meat that's left especially with the money of the server, these emeralds don't regrow once it's gone that's it. Plus we do still have to make tons of new gear or pay for repairs by paying diamonds on the anvil dwindling the supply. what about other Golems, diamond, gold etc? That would burn thesurplusquick. topic 2, still no, same reason. topic 2b, if handles right could be a good thing I'veseen the helper thing handled both ways before so yes on that. other topics 3&4, 3, I don't really care about the money stuff, want spawners or a new exclusiveworld or whatever then go for it, I don't have the money to spend anyway so I don't have any real input. 4, as long as I don't have a wither or dragon blowing up my house then sure, sounds good.
  3. Mysterious missing villagers

  4. Mysterious missing villagers

    its a full on claimed town complete with red square on the map and a notice when you enter/exit it
  5. Mysterious missing villagers

    My 3 villagers are missing, like *poof* vanished and I cant figure out how or why. I logged in at about 5-530 am my time and found my villagers are gone so I log out/in a few times and nothing, still missing so I try to figure this thing out... My town has a 3 high wall around it with no doors or openings so they didn't just walk off and mobs would have to climb over the cactus outer wall then break in the doors and kill all 3 of them before vanishing a second or 2 after getting on the wall so its not that because zombs don't climb and spiders dont work doors... Only thing left is either they were glitched and despawned or someone built a tower, sniped the villagers but didn't touch my public guarden or kill the other animals or grief the cactus wall and then destroy their tower and just leave which doesn't make sence. I've been griefed a lot within the last 3 maps and this just seems week for a griefing, why only kill villagers and not touch anything else it doesn't make sence. I don't even know if it would be possible to kill something in a claimed town from the outside by someone thats not a member of that town... any help or theories or if it was a griefing anyone knows what happened would be appreciated