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  1. The Long Silence

    Actually I didn't know Scurvy was gone till Forrest got on last night. Forrest has been on more than you have been (even though it was just once), should have suspected something...
  2. 5000+ Subscribers! (Suggest ideas for something special?)

    A live stream might be fun.
  3. Forrest's Birfday!

    Happy birthday Forrest! <3
  4. The Alchemist Chapter 1 Sneak Preview!!!!!!!!

    Awww the romance is enough to satisfy this romantic. But I was feeling like the conversation in the beginning was just a writer's convenience for what you were gonna say a few pages later. Maybe take out the parts of the conversation that are referencing things that are told later? Or maybe mention the full backstory of his education later but leave his childhood in here. And while I like the idea of a "retro" bar of our present as a good idea it feels like it is a bit too focused on just making references. Anyway just my thought, I'm not much of a writer though. I like the story otherwise and I like the characters.
  5. 1.3 Update

    So excited!!! I just hope I remember not to update my minecraft this time... >.>;
  6. Rap Battle 3: Guntagirl Vs. Scurvy D

    Woo! We tied! As good as a win for me! XD
  7. What D&D charater would you be?

    It takes awhile but it is really detailed and gets a person pretty well. Post what you are! http://www.easydamus.com/character.html I was a Neutral Good Gnome Bard with my highest stat at 16.
  8. Loki Vs Twitch

    Revenge Loki! Now I got you into a rap battle you can't get out of! Muah ha ha ha!
  9. Rap Battle 3: Guntagirl Vs. Scurvy D

    Sent... T-T Mercy is all I ask...
  10. Rap Battle 3: Guntagirl Vs. Scurvy D

    Not fair... Scurvy got his done in a half an hour... Its taking me days... I'm never insulting an artist's talent ever again... T-T There isn't even going to be enough to put into a body bag when hes done with me...
  11. Premium Competition - Jan-Feb

    Is there a minimum amount of premium we need to get? Like last time we had to buy at least three months.
  12. Public Server - Next Stage

    I agree. I'm glad we got some rules down on this server.