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Dead Space 3: first impressions

Now then, here's another first impression/review/blog thingamabob. Today I will give you my first impressions on Dead Space 3, having played it for a couple of hours.

Gameplay: Dead Space 3 uses the same gameplay formula as the previous two games. You shoot away at things from a third person perspective. Again, Isaac Clarke is dismembering necromorphs. Dismembering enemies is an efficient, foolproof tactic to neutralize the threat (at least a little, if not completely) and deal extra damage to the poor bastards. And I absolutely love it. Somehow I found myself strongly disliking the few firefights with human enemies so far, though. And the checkpoint save system.

Storyline: Story-wise, Dead Space 3 continues where the previous game left off. Isaac has succesfully stopped two necromorph invasions, but now a third one has struck. And so Isaac grabs the trusty plasma cutter once more, but it does take a little convincing from the military. Isaac even has somewhat of a nemesis this time: Jacob Danik. Somehow the story doesn't seem as appealing to me in Dead Space 3 as in the previous two games.


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