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Computer problems

Basically, this blog entry is all about my struggle to fix a problem with my laptop earlier this morning. If you just want to skip that crap, there will be an important piece of information at the end.

The problem started yesterday. I booted up my laptop, and the Windows startup screen showed up. After that, absolutely nothing. Total blackness. I restarted my laptop a dozen times, running startup repair a few times and doing a disk integrity check, and eventually the laptop worked as if nothing had been wrong.

Today it was worse. I spent an hour and a half shutting down and restarting my laptop, running every diagnostics program I could find, and blackness kept crawling across the screen after the Windows startup screeen. And it didn't even prompt me for a disk integrity check, not once. I'm assuming that's how the problem eventually solved itself yesterday.


I will be taking my laptop to maintenance ASAP, and by ASAP, I mean Monday as soon as I get out of work. I'm not sure how long the maintenanace will exactly take, but I estimate that it will take at least two days.

So basically, I will be offline for a few days starting from Monday.

Bye for now, and keep your fingers crossed for me that whatever is wrong with my laptop gets fixed.


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