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  1. An emotive farewell to the server

    Today I found the mail that said my automatic payments for ABGN had been cancelled and thus me finding this post. I've had the pleasure of meeting you in a rough partof my life, when I had almost no friends afk. I was new at uni, had way too much time on my hands and did not know how to fill it. You all received me with open arms. Just what I needed at the time. Minecraft was my creative outlet and the Teamspeak was where I came to brush up my English and social skills. I even taught some of you some dutch words, but those might have faded from memory. I'd like to thank Tarquin, that upside-down bastard, for everything he has done over the years and the countless creative sentences thrown my way. I'd like to thank the entire moderator team, but Helle and Simba in particular,for being twopartners, one silent and one very vocal, for believing in me when I applied to become a moderator. I'd like to thank Loki, Kilias, Simba, Lazt, and countless others for the enjoyable Friday nights drinking in front of our webcams, with our own YouTube playlists or general ranting and shouting under the influence of alcohol and spirits. It certainly lifted mine. If you're ever in Belgium, God knows why (maybe your plane took a left when it should've taken a right), send me an e-mail: askgman9100 at gmail and I'll take a day off to get you drunk off your tata's... It's the only thing I was taught at uni You're all beautiful bastards, and I'm going tomiss you... You're all a weird bunch of weirdo's, and I'm glad I was a part of that bunch, even for a little while. Thank you all very much for these beautiful times.
  2. Geez, you're old

  3. Super Weird Dream

    I wasn't homeschooled, and I never claimed that homosexuality would be the cause... The cause of the enslavement will be cars, and I'm just saying, but Obama drives a car...
  4. Super Weird Dream

    [quote name=Mustache ' timestamp='1363497233' post='32033] Ok this is seriously NOT made up fyi. Once i had this dream were the staff was having a meeting in candyland and then a GIANT DUCK came and started chasing them (sorry staff for the duck).luckly a giant fladora fell on the duck and squished it and staff was safe.if u have EVER had a weirder dream......feel free to put it in the section down below o-o Noo! See, the ducks were planning to take over the world! I was right! Nobody believed me, but I was right!
  5. New Feature: Blogs

    What the others come up with? No! Go write something, share it with the world!