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An emotive farewell to the server

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Hello everyone,

As you may or may not know, I am Tarquin and I founded Abyssal Gaming on the heels of a sour partnership with 2G1M many years ago. We eventually found and partnered with the great LDShadowlady who allowed us to act as an 'official' fan server for her - in turn allowing us to meet many of you amazing people!

This has become more than a community for most of us staff, it has become a family. Many of us have been significant others, including Myself, Kilias, Ankcta, Gunta, Loki, Blue, Luna and many more... it really has been one of the best chapters I have had the pleasure of being apart of in my online 'career'.

Alas, Minecraft isnt what it used to be. Those who still play it enjoy the pace of mini-games far more than of survival, and attempts to make survival more intense is often met with resistance - as such finding the balance has been difficult. Top that off with much fewer resources than most of our 'competition' has access to and we just cant survive. At this stage less than 30% of the monthly costs are made up from premium subscriptions and store purchases, the remainder of that bill has been paid by the dedicated staff... the dedicated family of ABGN.

Unfortunately as time has gone by, most of the staff have earned more and more obligations outside of the community and are around less, as such it is unfair to burden them with a cost that I personally cannot cover either. All of this leads to the following regretful announcement...

Today we say goodbye to our dedicated servers and worlds/maps that we have enjoyed for a long time. This doesn't come easy, but it does have to come at last. We will still be around on discord (http://www.abgn.net/discord) and hope to continue to hang out, however we will (at least in the near future) no longer have an official minecraft server.

I'd like to personally take this moment to thank the entire team, current and past, who have not only financially supported the community but have helped make it into what it was at its height and what it can still be proud of today. Without each and every one of these people, the server just wasnt a good place to be.

Mickket: Honestly became a major cornerstone of the community. 85% of the special and cool features over the past 5 years have probably come from him. I will forever be in his debt.
Kilias: We became brothers very quickly and that relationship has persisted and will last forever.
HernV and Hellefleur: You guys were always so alike - honestly two of the most honest and sincere people I have met. Just truly decent individuals.
Loki & Gunta: You are honestly one of my favorite accomplishments - I am so glad I could push you guys to talk to each other. :)
Blue, Luna, Sed, Drifter: Thanks to this community I have extended my friends to the southern area of the USA, so glad to have gotten to meet most of you :)
Ankcta: Awww... cmon... do I even need to?

There are many premiums, VIPs and members that we became close friends with also, I truly hope that you pop on discord and we can hang out again in the future, but if not, Thank you to all of you. Financially supportive or otherwise, each of you were equally important.


Farewell friends and family, I hope I get to play with all of you again, dont forget... www.abgn.net/discord. We'll still be there and we may even find something else to start up, which would eventually be announced there and here on the forum.


Thank You. :biggrin:


An administrative note:
Anybody who paid money during June has been refunded. I have also tried to remove all billing agreements so that payments stop coming through automatically. Thank you to all of you for your support over the years.

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It is with great sadness that we must all say goodbye to the server. While things have come to an end.... the friendships and memories made, will hold a special place in all of hearts.  This was the first server I ever came on and has been such a big part of my life these few years and I’m so thankful cause my life wouldn’t be the same if I had never came on. Even though there may not be a server to hop on to be able to see and talk to everyone there is still the discord where we can still be a community. I’m glad I’ve gotten to be a part of something so amazing and I want to thank everyone for making this server a good thing in my life!

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I've been sitting here typing and deleting walls of text, trying to figure out just what I want to say.

We had a hell of a ride. Countless laughs. Endless fun. Long lasting friendships. I've met so many great people thanks to this community. Hell, I even met my girlfriend because of it. I'm not great at these kinds of things, but I can say that the bonds I've made, thanks to this community, aren't going anywhere.

I'll see you all around. Even though we don't have a server, we are still a community, and we do still have a Discord. ;)

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At least there is still the discord, but...

Even though I haven't been a member of the server for as long as others, it still brought countless hours of fun, ones that I still love to replay in my mind, despite the fact that it was just a pixelated game. AGN was the best server I have ever joined, and still is, though it has shut down. The people that I interacted with always made me smile, and I felt that this server was more than just a video game. It was a place to make friends, at least, what I consider to be friends. 


It's been amazing getting to know the people on this server, and creating many memories that will always be cherished. <3 


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Hi everybody, and I guess also bye everybody.

I don't know what to say, this was really my only real server for years and certainly the best one I've been to even counting the ones I just passed through, it was more of a community. Even though I was almost always the Hermit that lived alone and never joined a big town or anything, I enjoyed the chat and when someone would want to go adventuring with me it was fun, so many memories and I'll miss everyone. Sorry I wasn't on at the end, Minecraft decided that my password wasn't my password and wouldn't let me log even after changing it, I only just now was able to log and it's too late. I did always plan on getting VIP+ and was always trying to save up for it because I really did want to support the server as much as I could, it was never my plan to be the eternal freeloader... Guess that's an Achievement...


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Today I found the mail that said my automatic payments for ABGN had been cancelled and thus me finding this post.

I've had the pleasure of meeting you in a rough part of my life, when I had almost no friends afk. I was new at uni, had way too much time on my hands and did not know how to fill it. You all received me with open arms. Just what I needed at the time. Minecraft was my creative outlet and the Teamspeak was where I came to brush up my English and social skills. I even taught some of you some dutch words, but those might have faded from memory.

I'd like to thank Tarquin, that upside-down bastard, for everything he has done over the years and the countless creative sentences thrown my way.
I'd like to thank the entire moderator team, but Helle and Simba in particular, for being two partners, one silent and one very vocal, for believing in me when I applied to become a moderator.
I'd like to thank Loki, Kilias, Simba, Lazt, and countless others for the enjoyable Friday nights drinking in front of our webcams, with our own YouTube playlists or general ranting and shouting under the influence of alcohol and spirits. It certainly lifted mine.

If you're ever in Belgium, God knows why (maybe your plane took a left when it should've taken a right), send me an e-mail: askgman9100 at gmail and I'll take a day off to get you drunk off your tata's... It's the only thing I was taught at uni ;)

You're all beautiful bastards, and I'm going to miss you...
You're all a weird bunch of weirdo's, and I'm glad I was a part of that bunch, even for a little while.

Thank you all very much for these beautiful times.

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