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Status Updates posted by MichGames

  1. WHALE ATTACK! O____________________________________O =D

  2. ERMAHGERD! Cousin! You got VIP! =D

  3. Stahp running away from me Hern! ;w;

  4. Wither Penguin

    1. Ankcta


      Since when are you a wither penguin?!

    2. MichGames


      Since always ;w;

  5. Wait when did you get VIP? .-. Also, \o/

  6. Anyone want to do my French exam? No one?

  7. Hm, I'm a wither skeleton, as most of you know. I rule over the other skeletons. Withers are my brothers. My right hands. But I don't hunt them down... Someone fix that!

  8. Geez, you're old

  9. I'm adorable because I'm innocent? Why Lazt?! WHY?! D:

    1. Cakesebz


      Awh so innocent :3

    2. MichGames
  10. Cheaty Beka :(

  11. Why Simba?! Don't deny it D: You can sing very well!

    1. Simba


      WHAT MICH NO ;A;

    2. MichGames



  12. Nickname:  Mich Description: IS A CUTE LITTLE BUNNY RABBIT THATS FLUFFY AND PUFFY AND PINK <--- Guess who put that there :P

  13. Happy B-day!

  14. First time I write something here.