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    I lost 1 sub
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    I hate when that happens and the toilet thing XD LOLZ
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    Kk and do u want a chibi or anime? Also in the form of half snowleapord or regular?
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    Hopefully this one will move XD
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    Go suck on a Popsicle
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    Ok, I'll try to make u, what color are ur eyes and hair? I'm not a stalker I just need to know to make it PERFECT!
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    Me likey :3
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    There I deleted it sheesh
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    Why are u always so bossy bro, back off
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    New video uploaded! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wBs1RbSHa1o
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    *puts paw down* yep, that's good! XD LOL
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    ur just jealous mustache