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  1. Awkward Dream About Lizzie O.o

    I don't remember the dream much, but these are the parts I remember... So, I was walking down my street with my best friend Cole, then we see a girl with pink hair and a guy with brown hair down the street, so just to double check we walked to them and said hi. Then all of the sudden Buddy pops up on my shoulder. It scared me so bad I fell to the floor I heard them both laughing along with my best friend so I laughed too. Then I look up at them and Joel and Lizzie switched hair... Then I rub my eyes and Then they both have Buddy's face. [Forgot this part of the dream... had something to do with 1D] Later I bumped into Lizzieat Wal-Mart and she just RANDOMLY asked if I had a turtle. I said I did and her name was Tiki. [i literally have a turtle named Tiki] Then she asked if I had a YouTube channel. I said I did and it was called LDGamerGirl [its my REAL YouTube channel] So she asked if I'd like to take a selfie with her. We took at selfie together and then she said "Lets record a vlog and a gaming video of Minecraft!" I just went along with it. Then we did that together at my house. Joel and Buddy came too. So after we finished recording I went into my kitchen to get a drink of water. Buddy comes up behind me and says "Help! I've been turned into a caaaaat!" I scream and run towards Lizzie. She asked me what was wrong. I tell her about Buddy in the kitchen and she says, "Oh, hes fine. He says that a lot." I asked her why he says that and she said, "Yeaaahhhh, I trapped my ex's into a cat so I can make sure they don't try to kill me in my sleep." Dream ends there. In confusion, XxLDGamerGirlxX