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  1. Server Reset - Early 2014

    Please check the full topic for most up to date revision of this Information!!! http://www.ldshadowlady.com/news So lately there has been a lot of discussion about the reset both amongst staff and members of the server. I am glad people could discuss it and really come up with their own opinions and ideas as to the future of the server. We truely hope to one-up ourselves from last time and deliver a fun experience to new and old members regardless of whether you are for or against the server. Converting means winning! As usual, this topic will be used for votes, you will be able to voice a final opinion as long as the following guidelines are all met;This topic is NOT a flame war, posting anything rude or fighting over opinions is strictly forbidden. Doing so will result in a temp ban (not on record) from the server during the restart (if it happens) or on the current server for 1 week. This means you would miss out on all the new stuff.Server Features Rundown:New Spawn - We have heard the requests for a new style of spawn and we have decided to move to a new underground spawn. Spawn protection will be quite large to allow for expansion.Portals - We will attempt to pre-render a larger region and have portals / other methods to travel quickly around to look for somewhere new to build.Custom Biomes - Once again we will have custom biomes, including the new nether we introduced recently.Towny - Towny will return once more and taxes will be further enhanced and worked onStarting Area - As per the old map, the starting 'quiz' with will make a comeback. It will be used to introduce players to the world and rules. While in this area you will not see general chat nor be able to talk. Completion will not be optional.PvP Arenas - We will strive to have PvP arenas setup for launch.Monuments (May be renamed) - Hidden builds of awesome that can be explored and may contain treasure. Keep checking them as they may have new chests randomly throughout time.Enemy Forces - In addition to monuments, we are also hoping to setup small hostile towns and camps around as something for people to come across. These will have tougher than usual mobs that may guard something special but will usually require multiple players to take on. Respawn timers would vary.Activities - Other than PvP Arenas we want to get some other events going on. This will include Mazes and races like on previous maps. We understand that we didn't finalize these events on this map and will strive to have them ready for release rather than later.Themed Cities - The portals/teleport points will lead to themed cities in different areas of the world, acting as your local safe hub with stores.Stores/Shops - All cities will carry the basic stores (Cobble, dirt, etc) and each may have a specialty. Note that some monuments and other hidden towns will carry special vendors for rarer items. Some vendors may compete by paying more than others based on the city wealth (ie a town vs a city). We have yet to decide what plugin we will use to proceed, if you have suggestions, please feel free to let us know!Hidden/Secret Shop - As usual, there will be hidden/secret shops. These shops will usually sell rare items and buy items at great prices. These shops are monitored and the more people who find them, the more expensive the sold items are and the less they buy rare items for. Some may also only be visible or open during certain times.New Rank: VIP+ - This has been suggested a few times and I think its time to seriously consider it. The problem with this rank is the lack of incentives. VIP's already donate so much that if we added new 'paid' benefits, we expect them to get it. It would be unfair otherwise. VIP+ would be for those looking to support us a bit more, you would garner an altered title on the server(s) and this feature is ONLY available as an upgrade from an existing VIP Account. Current estimated cost is $170.00 and will not give you anything but an additional title in-game. This will be a repeatable purchase. Each purchase will also include a TeamSpeak channel. If you have any suggestions for something that would be fair to award to this class of members, let us know below! I must reiterate that this feature will add absolutely NO EXTRA BENEFITS.Rare Loot - Ever Played Diablo? If you have you know how the randomly generated loot works. Different stats and names along with rarities. With a current potential of 28billion unique items, these will drop off of specific mobs. You WILL have to search for mobs that drop these items, normal mobs will not have a chance at dropping these items.Blazing Mobs - A new type of mob that is randomly spawned amongst normal ones that is significantly harder to beat. Can be identified by the fire surrounding them.Mercenaries - Ever wanted a bodyguard to help during PvP or hunting at night? Now you can! Major cities will have mercs for hire. First come first serve, until they die, they are unique! - Keep in mind these guys dont come cheap! (Subject to change based on testing results)Hidden Treasure Chests will be spawned at random with some of the more basic loots. In what manner they spawn is yet to be finalized (tbf)Automated Muting will be enforced. If you swear, the server will warn you several times before kicking you. If you continue to break the rule, the server will mute you and advise a moderator who will then submit that information as a report on your account file. (Thanks to Mickket for this custom script!)Report-a-Mod - If you legitimately believe a moderator has broken a rule, been rude to you or has harassed you/picked on you, you will be able to report the moderator. All reports will be posted via the forums upon the new server going live. These reports go to the management team and are handled carefully. All Moderator Reports are REQUIRED to have screenshot evidence. We are hopefully going to create a way to have the server timestamp on your screen for screenshots to allow you to better prove it. We don't want members feeling they are being picked on and we don't want moderators being picked on by griefers who don't like that they got caught.SurvivalWe want to place more focus on survival, we understand that it is a matter of time before any server is full of rich players who dont need to worry about going out with 20 creepers around. For this reason we want to make it harder so that the suspense feeling of mobs around the corner lasts longer.As you can see in the features section, there will be a lot more difficult mobs meaning you will NEED friends to help you to beat them.Part of this will obviously have to be difficulty, as the last map, it will be on the hardest setting from day 1.Creeper explosions add to the difficulty, but also ruin landscapes and buildings, so we are still not sure if we want to turn creeper explosions on or not.We will be restricting teleportation via the following methods; - Removing Teleportation to towns and other players. - /spawn allowed once per hour (tbd) - /home allowed once per hour (tbd) - /back allowed once per hour (tbd) - /unstuck will be an emergancy command if you are stuck somewhere and can be used once an hour. This command has a 1 hour cooldown, will cost ($tbd) and may cause odd side effects. (Feature tbf)Towns & EconomyStart a New Town: $650.00Purchase a Plot: $150.00Purchase a Outpost: $170.00Tax Per Plot: $00.00/dailyStarting Money: $825.00Price of Death: $00.00Price to Teleport (if Enabled): $00.00 each As an example of what your income would be to afford the above pricing: (Subject to Adjusment)Sell Piece of Dirt: $1.00 | Stack of Dirt: $64.00Sell Piece of Cobble: $1.10 | Stack of Cobble: $70.40Sell a Diamond: $100.00 | Stack of Diamonds: $6,400.00Towny Taxes will be disabled for either 7 or 14 days (TBD) While users adjust to the new map and get started. Towny Rollback: [NEW 27/11]We have yet to decide on whether to offer towny rollback or not. At this stage we have decided to remove the towny rollback feature as it has caused havoc, however we feel that this removes some of the fear that not having a town creates and therefore the difficulty that it brings forth.Please let us know in the comments your opinion Because of taxes being off, rollback is being DISABLED and will not occur on town unclaim. Tokens:In addition to the typical currency, we are hoping to integrate an item based currency called tokens (Subject to renaming) which will be able to be handed in to a special vendor for a large amount of money. Because the vendor amounts may change, either because the economy is inflated or another vendor offers more money, it is then up to the player to choose when/if to trade it in for the current value. Think of it like gold in real life.Why not just have the value of items fluctuate? There is a significant amount of time and effort to do this for each item, in addition it is obvious that people turn to using farms to collect too much iron or other items. For this reason we are either going to make these items worthless or not vendor-able at all. Purchase of Currency via AbyssalGaming.com Store:Now: $10.00 Currency for $3.00USD ($1.00USD per $3.33currency) After: $100.00 Currency for $3.00USD ($1.00USD per $33.33currency)Now: $20.00 Currency for $5.00USD ($1.00USD per $4.00currency) After: $200.00 Currency for $5.00USD ($1.00USD per $40.00currency)Now: $40.00 Currency for $10.00USD ($1.00USD per $4.00currency) After: $400.00 Currency for $9.00USD ($1.00USD per $44.44currency)Now: $50.00 Currency for $12.50USD ($1.00USD per $4.00currency) After: $1000.00 Currency for $19.00USD ($1.00USD per $52.63currency)Now: $100.00 Currency for $25.00USD ($1.00USD per $4.00currency) After: $2000.00 Currency for $35.00USD ($1.00USD per $57.14currency)Now: $200.00 Currency for $50.00USD ($1.00USD per $4.00currency) After: $4000.00 Currency for $69.00USD ($1.00USD per $57.97currency)Premium & VIP: (Yet to be Finalized)Pricing Changes as follows: Monthly: $6.00 -> $6.00 Quarterly: $18.00 -> $17.00 Semi-Annually: $36.00 -> $30.00 Annually: $72.00 -> $60.00 VIP: $170.00 -> $185.00 VIP+: N/A -> $170.00 (New!) (VIP Addon, See above!)Premium receive 10% off Currency PurchasesVIP receive 15% off Currency PurchasesServer Transfers: (Yet to be Finalized)In the past we offered a server transfer feature for your home/build. Please keep in mind we are considering this, but at this stage have yet to decide on how to proceed.Opening Competition: (Dates to be Decided based on votes) We will hold a small competition to have a chance to have some of your artwork on show on the new server. The requirements are as follows;Contains No SignsMust look good on the default texture packMust be based on LDShadowLady!No mentions of your own username nor Abyssal Gaming nor Staff names.It may be a statue of LD, if so please be very creative! Statues have been proven to become outdated fast!You may submit up to 2 entrants into the competition, double your chances of winning!You may NOT use water or lava if it is not fully contained Reward(s):Your build will be featured on the new server either in spawn or a major capitalA token worth $3000.00 to one of the secret shops How to Submit:You can send us a schematic file via PM or reply to the competition thread (To be posted, you may begin making it now though!)Build it on creative and tell a member of the Staff TeamBuild it on the current server and tell a member of the Staff Team (This will hold higher value due to the fact you need to collect materials and deal with mobs in order to build it. We recommend this for a chance at a higher score)Plugins Overview: (Subject to Change) For Obvious reasons we don't disclose all our plugins information however for the basic functionality, the following information is relevant;Towny for self-claiming protection and permissions.LWC for chest protection and door protection.Feature Screenshots: (Subject to Change) Inferno Mob: http://abgn.net/img/Inferno_Mob.png Legendary Item: http://abgn.net/img/Legendary_Item.png Rare Item: http://abgn.net/img/Rare_Item.png Mercenary: http://abgn.net/img/Mercenary.png / http://abgn.net/img/Mercenary2.png Towny Assistant: http://abgn.net/img/TownyAssistant.png Travel Point NPC's: http://abgn.net/img/...elPoint-NPC.png / http://abgn.net/img/...lPoint-NPC2.png Something I missed? Have a suggestion? Let us know in a reply below! Changelog 18/11/2013 - Initial Writeup 21/11/2013 - Updated Towny (Added No-Tax period), Added VIP+, Added Opening Competition 22/11/2013 - Xbox One Released 23/11/2013 - Updated Token information, Updated Teleportation restrictions, Store Pricing, Premium & VIP Changes 24/12/2013 - Updated New Rare Loot, Blazing Mobs, Mercenaries 26/11/2013 - Posted Public Copy of Thread. (This Topic) 26/11/2013 - Added 'Server Transfer' Section 27/11/2013 - Updated Towny section with rollback rules 29/11/2013 - Added Screenshots 01/12/2013 - Updated Survival, added 2 features, Taxes are confirmed to be switched OFF. With taxes switched off, revised economy section *tbd = To Be Decided *tbf = To Be Finalized Click here to view the article
  2. Join Our Town

    Hi this is hizaphel co-founder of port reveleon looking for people looking to become a resident send me a comment that answers these questions P.s do not lie i will ask the mods. have you ever been in jail(in game)? what should you mine when mining? how much money do you make daily{in game)? do you greif? what is your best minecraft skills(a.k.a fighting,mining,brewing,and farming)
  3. Awkward Dream About Lizzie O.o

    I don't remember the dream much, but these are the parts I remember... So, I was walking down my street with my best friend Cole, then we see a girl with pink hair and a guy with brown hair down the street, so just to double check we walked to them and said hi. Then all of the sudden Buddy pops up on my shoulder. It scared me so bad I fell to the floor I heard them both laughing along with my best friend so I laughed too. Then I look up at them and Joel and Lizzie switched hair... Then I rub my eyes and Then they both have Buddy's face. [Forgot this part of the dream... had something to do with 1D] Later I bumped into Lizzieat Wal-Mart and she just RANDOMLY asked if I had a turtle. I said I did and her name was Tiki. [i literally have a turtle named Tiki] Then she asked if I had a YouTube channel. I said I did and it was called LDGamerGirl [its my REAL YouTube channel] So she asked if I'd like to take a selfie with her. We took at selfie together and then she said "Lets record a vlog and a gaming video of Minecraft!" I just went along with it. Then we did that together at my house. Joel and Buddy came too. So after we finished recording I went into my kitchen to get a drink of water. Buddy comes up behind me and says "Help! I've been turned into a caaaaat!" I scream and run towards Lizzie. She asked me what was wrong. I tell her about Buddy in the kitchen and she says, "Oh, hes fine. He says that a lot." I asked her why he says that and she said, "Yeaaahhhh, I trapped my ex's into a cat so I can make sure they don't try to kill me in my sleep." Dream ends there. In confusion, XxLDGamerGirlxX
  4. Make a LD fan art! Post it here so every one can see it!mfor instance, I drew 2 LD pics, both anime. Don't be afraid to express yourself. It's just art that you put your feeling, and talent into. I'm gunna show you the pics I drew. Make sure to color it it in too!
  5. LD Server Reminiscing

    Just remembering the old server with classy, gotta love the nostalgia moments. Classy and I working so hard on to make our names, and then Loki comes being all cool flying and doing his like it's no big deal. And of course, the Lizzie statue that was made and displayed directly outside of spawn. BosieDarling and her chicken collection The derptastic spider grinder underneath AbyssalCity Oh the good old times.
  6. ...To be fair, she logged on in the middle of pandemonium-- I was watching Tarquin spawn creepers riding spiders & endermen wearing spiders for hats. But the chaos continued with mobs of players (over 60 on the server and a whole lot with us on TeamSpeak!) running around with her all over Argenta and Arcania. There were My Little Ponies fishing in the fountain, we were playing Hide & Go Seek, and everyone had to try and sit on Tarquin's throne. Unfortunately the update-related lag caused a lot of people to have Steve skins, but still, a fun time was had by all.
  7. Minecraft Hunger Games Event

    Hey All! No need to stand up, its just me! We have another competition coming your way in a few weeks inspired by LDShadowlady (Check her out!!! Shes That Awesome!) Click here for a chart of times for when the event is; http://www.abgn.net/r/w I have based it on my local time (Yes I am waking up early on a Sunday for this!). First of all, The Prize(s) First Place: A Minecraft Account for you or a friend, we will contact you with the gift code within a week of the competition. Second Place: Borderlands Game Code via Steam. Bonus for FIrst Place: If we get enough participants to make this a true challenge, First place will also receive VIP Access to the forums, our MC Servers, Teamspeak and LDShadowlady's MC Server. * The Rules and Requirements All participants have to put their name down, as we will be whitelisting servers for each round. Our hopes are to get enough people to fulfill all rounds, otherwise some may get a second chance in order to fill out the numbers. If you have played before and feel you are very good at this, please let us know, we are going to put the 'professionals' in their own game to give them a true challenge if there is enough of them. Please be honest, it increases your fun factor Rules: No PVP for the First 30 Seconds. This rule has been withdrawn fur to popular demand! You may NOT break any blocks except 'Long Grass' 'Leaves' 'Spider Web' You may Craft Crafting tables from wood in chests or that a creeper destroys from a tree. You may NOT collect Crafting table and take it with you. You may craft items from materials collected from chests. You may team up together, however there is a limit to the amount of winners (See below) Once you die, please leave the game, or you will be banned for the rest of the round (Nothing personal, but the chat is meant to remain silent!) Round Information: Option 1: Requires 96 Players Total Round 1: 4 Games of 24 players each - Last 4 standing per game will win You may team up! (2 Games at a time will run on 2 separate servers) (#96) Round 2: 2 Games of 8 Players each - Last 2 standing per game will win. You may team up! (1 Game at a time) (#16) Round 3: 1 Game of 4 Players. Start time 'No PVP' is tripled (90 Seconds). This round determines the 2 winners. OR Option 2: Requires 48 Players Total 8 Games of 24 Players Each (4 x 2 Games at a time) Each Player will have 4 Opportunities to score points Users are scored by their death! If you die first, you get 1 Point, second gets 2 points, so on so forth. Last to die gets 24 points. At the end of all 4 'rounds' the highest scoring player will be the winner! ----------------------- We hope that in both scenarios we run no more than 4 hours or so total for all competitions, and hope to coordinate a live stream coverage of both servers at all times. ----------------------- Event Coordination The Coordinator of this competition is the Abyssal Gaming Network. The administrators/event leaders are Tarquin999 and LDShadowlady. If you have any further inquiries please let us know. The Moderators of this event are ; Loki_Cain, LaztChantz and SmallBeans (More TBA) ----------------------- We hope to see you there and having fun, we will use teamspeak for the majority of the event as well as the forum shoutbox for announcing server lists / start / end. So if you havent already, please try to have teamspeak (You dont NEED to talk!) and the forum open and ready on the day for the beginning*. Sign up Here: http://www.abgn.net/r/y You must have a forum account to register! - Accounts are free, join here: http://www.abgn.net/join *Subject to change without notice
  8. Weekly Livestreams

    Hey Guys, Starting this week, Lizzie has officially annouced that she intends to livestream on YouNow weekly on Mondays, 9PM GMT. if you want to tune in, you can support her by watching here; http://www.younow.co...shadowlady.Domo And using the "Facebook login" button on the top right of the page. Dont forget to Tune in each week!
  9. Abyssal Gaming 2.0

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to Abyssal Gaming 2.0. As usual there WILL be bugs and what not, so if you find them, you know how to let us know! We hope you enjoy the new look, increased performance and added features. Abyssal Gaming is open to everyone, let your friends know we are here to stay and prosper, no matter who tries to say otherwise! So here's whats new since the last major announcement! Congratulations to our new Moderator Mickket! Congratulations to our new Moderators throughout the last few weeks, Mark88880 and Paderson We welcome LDShadowlady officially to the network. She is my personal favorite channel on youtube. Her videos are hilarious, and are guaranteed to make you giggle like a little girl until you burst with laughter. We also launched the official LDShadowlady Public Server at the end of April, you can find out the information on our new Server Information page. We also welcome SolidSnake745 as an affiliate as well. He does some very entertaining stuff with old technology. Check out his youtube channel! 40PF Is officially running rap battles on the forums, check out their forum for more information! In the works, a new TEKKIT server (This server WILL be whitelisted and run by our new Moderator, Mickket) It will obviously require a Technic client installed. More information will follow. We have a new website logo by one of our resident artists, Ayjayo. We have brought back the nice little games and chat engine on each page. All features are accessible to all users. We are currently running podcasts every week to 2 weeks, with random visitors and topics. They are pretty interesting to listen to, and often the images that accompany are hilarious! (lol Sharpness) Check the episodes so far on the Youtube Channel We have launched an events Teamspeak server. If you are running an event and need a free Teamspeak channel, message me directly and you will be given a channel as well as channel admin to it. Otherwise its free to use; EVENTS.ABGN.NET The server is a 500 Slot, so everyone is welcome. We still use TS.ABGN.NET:9993 as our primary server, so don't go changing to that to talk to the regulars. Thank you for being a part of our community, it is you the users who make it what it is today, and for that we want to thank you over and over. We hope to see you soon on our servers, Teamspeak and forums and hope you enjoy your time here. Thank you and Kind Regards, Tarquin, Abyssal Gaming Network