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  1. Public Server Reset Coming Soon

    This is a quick announcement that yes, the rumors are true, after several years we are finally revamping the public server. Not alot of information has been prepped for release to the public, however we are working on a few ideas we hope you all love and some extra fun perks for the premium and VIP members. But Tarquin, you haven't told us anything?! You're right, well I can tell you a couple of things; The first you won't like but it has to happen. Your inventory nor any chests or items of ANY KIND will be coming over. So have fun with them while they last. We will possibly run an apocolypse like normal, so feel free to gather and prepare your Diamond armor and Swords, although it usually doesn't help against my mighty horde of Withers. There will be a new rank available, exact details haven't been finalized. That is Builder. Builder's will be approached by management (You cannot apply for it) based on the quality of your builds as well as your community reputation. Builders will be involved in server builds whenever we are doing them (We hope to be more frequent) We are no longer taking applications for staff, much like builder we will be approaching trusted members with a positive community reputation. We ARE taking suggestions (Nothing is guaranteed), you may reply to this topic with a suggestion. All suggestions should follow the rules below. The date of the reset is not yet confirmed, we are currently working to build certain aspects of the new server before we set a date. Stay tuned. More information will follow once we finalize the features and details. Also stay tuned for this! Suggestion Guidelines First and foremost, serious suggestions only. Don't reply with "me too" responses, simply click the like button (Bottom right of posts) to add your support. Reply if you have your own suggestion or a similar but different one to an existing one. No debates or arguments in this topic. Tell your friends to come have their say also. We are remaining survival multiplayer, not creative.
  2. Upcoming Server Updates

    As many already know, we recently hid an announcement for a new Hardcore Server within the website and its new release. Here are some details that may or may not be available at the official server page; http://www.abyssalgaming.com/servers/hardcore/info First and foremost we have just added 5 additional screenshots of the biome generation algorithms to the server page so go check that out. Like now. The Creative Server is another that will be revamped, although it may be a little bit after the Hardcore - The release schedule is not yet finalized. We are more than likely simply going to restart it from scratch, slap a new spawn on it and let you guys go nuts. Following suggestions from members, we are going to increase the MEMBER plot count to 2 instead of 1 and as such modify every rank above it by adding an additional plot to each. SkyBlock has been forgotten for a while, it sees little traffic but will be restored to functional shortly after Creative is back up and running. We are looking at releasing a Mini-Games and PvP Server where we will segregate the PvP Aspects from LDShadowlady and move them to their own server with their own resources. As much as we'd like to, we don't have any plans on making any major PvP match-types or the like in the future. We simply don't have the finance and network to maintain and design games to the standard of HyPixel and Mineplex. On the other hand we are seeking to stay as traditional as possible in many ways. Our focus has always been on a hard game experience instead of an easy one, and a traditional experience where possible. That is without weird and funky mechanics like elevators and self building houses and those thingy-ma-jiggys. As many know I constantly call out for suggestions, they are helping us shape how we change and design in the future. While we don't expect to become as large as HyPixel and other companies, we do want to treat our users more personally. Our decisions in the last LDShadowlady Update were fully backed by the majority of users playing on the server, as we treat all servers. We want the stakeholders to be the players and visa versa. Please post your suggestions in the suggestions forum, no matter how big or small. While we don't reply to or accept them all, we read them in detail and discuss them behind the scenes. Please don't be afraid to post! The LDShadowlady Server... This has been a discussion recently amongst everyone. Something the staff has taken particular notice to. We have seen chatter of a lot of people discussing potentially resetting the server. This is not something I have considered for a few reasons; We originally wanted at least a year out of the current server There is still much of the map that has yet to be fully explored, secrets that haven't been found and discovered We know a lot of dedicated players don't want to lose their build yet again A full restart will require us fully looking at our plugins and perhaps removing some that are holding us back from proper 1.8 Operation. Having said that, it seems a lot of members have raised good points as to why a reset would be a good idea. The following is a general list brought to our attention by players; The server is almost 8 months old and does not have any of the new blocks or functionality that the major 1.8 Release introduced to the game. After so much time, the map has become boring as most people have finished building what they wanted and feel too tied down to start again. In addition they would have too much money and blocks to start again in proper 'hardmode' as was originally intended. It would give us a chance to create new set of rules/plugins etc. that can be decided and discussed by the members of the server. In summary we are looking for a lot of feedback here, please have your say whether it be an opinion about the LDS reset or ideas and suggestions for the other servers and changes. We hope to have more information in coming weeks and look forward to hearing from you guys, the players.
  3. Lizzie's Public Server

    Why won't let me jin LDShadowlady's server in minecraft
  4. Teach us Tekkit!

    Loki shows Forrest and I the way of Tekkit...this should be fun.
  5. Celestian Lore

    Some of you may have heard about Celestia from Garon or myself. The idea originated over a year ago back when we played on the Yogscast Minecraft whitelist servers. We developed the lore and it has stuck with us ever since. So I figured I'd drop some of it here for you all to look over at your leisure (if you were interested). <============================> Far across a vast and stormy ocean stood the secluded kingdom of Celestia. It was a heavily forested land that was dotted with small hamlets and individual homesteads. However, the majority of the population was concentrated in the kingdom's capital, a city also named ‘Celestia’. It was a majestic metropolis, to say the least. Smooth silver pathways meandered through verdant, fountained courtyards. Arching buildings of both stone and wood hung over bustling streets, lit by intricately crafted lamps. Palaces carved of sandstone rose over busy marketplaces, draped with tapestries in nearly every color imaginable. Celestia was easy to find on the skyline. The city's most noticeable landmark was a ring of towers, spiraling up from its center. They soared high into the heavens, shining like beacons through the darkest of nights. Even if an adventurer journeyed far from Celestia’s ivory walls, their eyes would still see the spires shimmering on the horizon. The towers were etched from a mysterious, luminous material known as glowstone and served as a headquarters for the ruling body of Celestia, the Lunar Council. The Lunar Council consisted of thirteen wise sages who ruled Celestia with temperance, virtue, and altruism. It was even rumored amongst the people that the members of the Lunar Council were powerful in the arts of magic, though this was never publicly proven. In its last one hundred years, Celestia experienced a golden age, despite the constant threat of skeletons, zombies, and creepers. Early Celestian history was rife with death at the hands of the devilish monsters. But slowly as the ages passed, the Celestians became more battle-hardened and more proficient at holding the creatures at bay. This was most likely because of the tenacity of their faith. The Celestians had a unique view of theology. Like most denizens, they believed that the world was created by the mighty Notch (and they praised him accordingly). But the central focus of Celestian worship was aimed at the moon. In Celestian temples, it was taught that ‘Lady Moon’, sibling of Lord Sun, was the daughter of Notch. It was said that Lady Moon had blessed the Celestians from their beginnings as a people and continued to constantly watch over them throughout the ages. Blue colored hair, a natural trait commonly found amongst Celestians, was attributed to Lady Moon’s blessing. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Celestian faith was their belief that the monsters stalking the darkness were created by Lady Moon. It was taught that Lady Moon herself released these horrible creatures into the world each night in order to test the Celestians. Not out of malice…but to ensure that Her people were strong enough to face any hardship they encountered throughout their lives. To keep them humble and remind them that they were indeed mortal. To show them that only by working together could their people survive the countless nights ahead. It was at the height of Celestia’s prosperity (roughly 5 years ago) that the ‘Final Night’ came…and suddenly brought the kingdom to its knees. The night had begun like any other night. Unorganized groups of monsters shambled towards the walls of Celestia, and were easily taken out by the city’s archers. By midnight, the lunar priests had already offered up their praises to Lady Moon for Her nightly test. But their prayers were premature. Celestian scouts arrived at the city gates, their eyes widened like madmen. Badly injured and shaken beyond belief, the scouts raved about an army of monsters the size of which had never been seen in Celestia’s history. They reported that the kingdom’s outlying villages were already lost, utterly destroyed by the horde of fiends as they rapidly closed in on the capital. The bells sounded out across the city and the entirety of Celestia's soldiers were stationed for the ensuing battle. Even the Cobalt Wardens, the kingdom's elite regiment of knights and assassins, were called to the front lines. But no amount of anticipation could have prepared the city for the nightmare that stormed towards it. All around the walls, as far as the eye could see, an ocean of creepers surged ever closer, their black mouths silently shrieking. They were followed by an even larger wave of the undead. The archers let loose a stream of arrows that downed many of the fiends, but the others simply kept coming, hopping and stumbling over their fallen. The deafening sounds of explosions ripped through the air as creepers breached the walls from all angles. Celestian troops met the monsters on the streets of the city and put up a valiant fight that lasted all the way to sunrise. Even the Lunar Council had appeared to join the battle. Some claim that they wielded their mystical powers for all to see. But it was not enough to save their lives. The Celestians had already suffered heavy losses by the time the sun came up, and they were given a brief respite when the sun's rays reduced nearly all of the undead attackers to ash. But the damage was done. Countless creepers had already reduced major parts of the city to rubble and more were on the way. The casualties were all-encompassing and the once great city of Celestia was no more. It is widely believed that there were no survivors of the Final Night. That after hundreds of years, the Celestians had finally failed Lady Moon's last test. However, there have recently been whispered rumors of Celestian appearances across the globe. One such rumor speaks of a few Cobalt Wardens that have formed an organization called the Order of the Moon, with hopes of finding and recruiting other Celestian refugees. It is said that they intend to rebuild a New Celestia, to be the home of not only surviving Celestians...but of other nationalities as well.
  6. Notch Reveals New Space Game

    Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson has revealed his new game. Called 0x10c, the space title is still early in the development process, but includes an intriguing set of features. Here's how the game is explained on the official site: "Each ship has a generator capable of producing a fixed wattage, and everything you connect to it drains wattage. A cloaking field, for example, might require almost all the power from the generator, forcing you to turn off all computers and dim all lights in order to successfully cloak." Other features include 'lots of engineering,' a 'fully working computer system,' space combat between computer-controlled and human opponents, lots of looting, mining and trading and connected single-player and multiplayer experiences. It will also apparently feature duct tape, so there's that. Expect more soon, and in the meantime you can try to find a catchy way to pronounce the title. Source: http://au.pc.ign.com/articles/122/1222247p1.html
  7. Warning: Large Post Incoming And the winner is... This was built in secret while everyone else was busy griefing each other. It is underground, entirely crafted and dug out manually and by hand. A very impressive feat for 2 weeks while dodging griefers.
  8. Miner vs. Miner

    Forrest and I take turns building and pranking each other on a single player minecraft map! What started out as innoncent fun has turned into all out WAR!!!
  9. Abyssal Gaming - Progress FTW

    Hello everyone! The Abyssal Gaming Network has a lot going on at the moment, so let me update you all on what's new! Public Server Upgraded! The Public server has finally been upgraded to 1.2. We have more punishments for the griefers and more features for the donators. Premiums get MobDisguise as usual, although the commands have changed (Updated command list) VIP's get even more mobs as well as the ability to use the baby mob command! Yay! (Updated command list) In addition the Inventory Save function has been upgraded for VIP's, it now saves your experience as well! Premiums will continue to enjoy the lack of inventory loss when a creeper comes up behind you! New Server! There is a new server in our midst that you can apply to join here It is called the Hardcore Survival Server. It is a server designed for the tough players who think they have what it takes to legitimatly build a beautiful creation while dodging their enemies, both mobs and players. Features include hardcore PVP, no anti-griefing measures and a reward for the best build at the end of each month. More information can be found in the application thread! To make it harder to hide, here is a Live map of the server: http://www.abgn.net/r/9 Also coming soon is a creative server. This server will be whitelist building for the artists amongst us, and everyone can come visit. We will announce more closer to release. Site Features The Abyssal Gaming Network has always had a lot of resources, but now we have put them up to the public. Webhosting can be purchased from our website under the services tab at the top. We may not be the cheapest in town, but we have the service and knowledge to help anyone get setup with a new website. Coming Soon: Minecraft Server Hosting [ Click here for Services section ] In addition to the hosting, we have a TinyURL generator for any links that are too long to share with others! Part of this service includes a small widget for your browsers Bookmarks toolbar that will automatically turn the current URL into a TinyURL. Want to give it a shot? There is no limit as to how many links you can compress. Here is a link (Shortened using the TinyURL): http://www.abgn.net/r/8 One last feature (unused for now) is that we now have a downloads section. You will see it populated very soon with misc files. In addition the Image Hosting now works for all registered members. Affiliates With More to come, we have partnered with a few small affiliates. None of us are huge and famous, but we all have our specialties and love doing what we do for the fans. You will be able to find an entire fan section for each partner on our forums. 40 Psychic Frames (40PF): These guys do voicing, music and general audio including parodies. Their stuff is hilarious and worth a listen! Dreadlow Gaming: Ledo is a good friend to abyssal gaming and will be running the official RPG Server of Abyssal gaming once it is ready (This could be a while off). in addition he is also working on custom Single Player mods for the Abyssal Community which will be found in our new Downloads section mentioned above. We have a few others in the works, but nothing is confirmed, so you will see no mention until they are. Logo(s) Although not final and 100%, we have a new logo for our forum and social networking done by Ayjayo himself. We hope you can join us in thanking him for the time he has spent with us to create this imagery and the time he will spend helping us further in the future. Thank You Ayjayo! As you can see we have been busy, we have wanted to release content but the limitation has been that 1.2 plugins haven't fully updated. Even now there are plugins missing that we needed, we chose to forgo on those for now as they weren't mission critical. I have held of this giant announcement until we actually had a list of items to announce! I hope everyone can enjoy what we have to offer.