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  1. Merry Christmas

    Thank You Tarquin for making us a server in which we can all get together and have a great time Merry Christmas
  2. Upcoming Server Updates

    I have an idea for people to explore the map more. Create a new forum topic where players can post screenshots secrets/easter eggs to show they found it first. I figure that would be a really good way to have people go out and explore, so they can be like "Cool, look at what i found!" And yeah .3. .... I don't know its just a thought ;D
  3. Store Updated

    .3. Its look good except for the pickaxe of powering. Higher eff maybe xD?
  4. Fairy Tale

    me too !!! though you are missing a few indents at the start of paragraphs. :3
  5. This is my grandma's kitten, Steward.... lets just say hes a natural model
  6. WOOP RESET PARTYYY! *nobody shows up* time to bring out the ice cream....

  7. The Greek Loan

    logic. >3>
  8. Goodbye, The truths now unfold, The story is now told, Crying eyes,Hidden lies,Just too many goodbyes,Now its forever,like before,but now its different, I have closed the door, Sorry is just a word,And now the memories will become blurred.

  9. Goodybye, The truths now unfold, The story is now told, crying eyes,

  10. Goodbye, The truth now unfold

  11. if cats could speak

    Human: awwwww hi little fuz um waz ums Cat: go clean something of mine slave. Human: anything for uuuu Cat: AND GET ME SOME SOFT FOOD! Cat's friend: geez, humans Cat: ik..... Human: meow meow Cats: HOW DARE YOU!!!!!! Later that weekend the human was sent to the cats hospital, her wounds were too deep and she died that night. THE END
  12. Signature Contest!

    ty ld although when i put in (minty) i meant u can use minty too but i like that one ^-^ you already r in 1st >_>
  13. Signature Contest!

    im not being rude im just strict and i dont take SAS that isnt need. :l
  14. Signature Contest!

    delete all of your comments and get off this topic -.- ur not welcomed now. unless u give me a signature OFF
  15. Signature Contest!

    also pokemon r opional (forgot to put that sorry)